Why People choose to sell to us

Why selling to an investor maybe in your best interest

If your like our family who has fallen behind on the mortgage, lost a tenant or simply forgot to pay the property tax.  You are sick tired of getting post cards saying something like, “call or text for an instant cash offer for your home.” Or receiving countless text messages, voicemails and calls from foreigners asking if you would be interested in a cash offer for your home.

Those are pretty much people who never buy real estate and try to get your property for pennies on the dollar just like the bank who is always trying to take your home.

Here is where a real estate investor like my family come into play. No matter what your situation is there is always a solution for you and your family. We maybe able to provide a solution that will allow you stay in the house.

As you learn more about us you will see we are versed in Commercial, Multi-Family and Single Family Residences.

As always, you are welcome to call or email us anytime. Ask for any of us Jay Jay, Nichole, Kristopher or Roxy.

Published by Aisling Development, LLC

We buy Commercial and Residential Real Estate

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